About Us

The Story Behind DETAC

Being a market leader for over 18 years, DETAC Construction has successfully engaged in the development of several construction projects of various sizes, from massive industrial complexes and airports to fully fledged community compounds, residential, commercial, educational, healthcare and administrative buildings. At DETAC, we firmly believe in offering comprehensive engineering solutions.

Together with our sister companies, that operate in various areas of engineering, we excel in providing our clients with a lot more than construction services. And our competitive edge lies not only in our experience and ownership of equipment; it’s embedded in our workforce and quality assurance.

With two decades of unrivaled success, DETAC now operates a quality management system as well as stable and powerful financial facilities with over 12 local and international banks and financial firms. And with our keys to success, growth & development being our quality of investment in everything from staff to equipment, & our continuous urge to improve, DETAC was able to conquer the Egyptian construction market.